Good Times

It's official - it's Spring! Spring has sprung and while we are only a couple of days into a glorious season, we've already had a taste of the warmer weather to come. Which means we are busy rehearsing for all the upcoming outdoor gigs we've got scheduled. Cue major excitement. Because what we could be better than sitting outdoors, enjoying the sun while live music drifts all around you? (Seriously, if you have any suggestions about what could be better, let me know. Because I've got nothing here). 

As one of these performances is less of a concert and more of a party, we are currently rehearsing an interesting array of music, some that is quite a departure from our usual repertoire. The kind of stuff that if it was playing at a disco (why are they no longer a thing? Unless, of course, you're under 12) you'd be bopping along. Not so much dancing with finesse but more flailing your limbs wildly (my usual dance style, so I'd fit right in) while belting out the lyrics. Really, there should be more dancing. 

Keep your eyes peeled as dates and times will be coming your way. And you won't want to miss it (I know I've said that before but I've always been right, right? Right). 

Here's to the good times ahead!