Over the Rainbow

Is it just me or are there a lot of rainbows around at the moment? Not that I’m complaining – a plethora of rainbows means despite the rain bucketing down, the sun is making the odd guest appearance. Which I find just as exciting as the fact that it’s now still light until 6pm. Why is that exciting? Because we have passed through the heart of winter and are now coming out on the other side. Winter is going! Summer is coming!

I know for those of you that actually like winter that this is terrible news. But I’m overexcited because for the first time in months I’ve experienced natural light on a weekday that isn’t of the lunar variety. Sure, it rains in winter which is nice but we do get summer storms as well. In winter you get up when it’s dark, freezing cold and windy. And when you get home, it’s more of the same. Compare this with summer. Its light, it’s warm, with maybe a gentle breeze.

Still not sold? I haven’t even mentioned the best parts yet. Everyone is way more relaxed, more willing to go out. As you’re probably gathering, I view summer as one long party which is occasionally interrupted by having to pop into work. And I still haven’t even got to the bestest part yet. Outdoor gigs.

I know, I know. Sometimes they are stinking hot and a swarm of flies descends. Or sometimes there is a weather fail and we do get one of those summer storms. But when everything comes together and you get the right weather, these outdoor performances are the best. Everyone sitting on the grass, enjoying a picnic, the weather and the music. That’s Sunday afternoon bliss right there.

It’s like the sun comes out, the people come out and the music comes out. Have to go outside in winter? You end up rushing by, huddled up against the wind and the rain. Same walk in summer? That’s a stroll. You say hi to people. And there’s music everywhere. Drifting from open car windows, from restaurants with the door propped open. From buskers and festivals to packs of kids wandering around with an iPhone (which is the modern day equivalent of a boom box). No wonder summer feels like one long party.

So here’s to summer and all the outdoor gigs we’ve got coming up. And here’s to the sun, hiding just beyond the rainbow.