Singin' in the Rain

Wouldn't it be great if life were a musical? I know some of you won't agree but just think for a moment how great that would be. Everyone jumping up, singing a few numbers together, busting out some coordinated dance moves. Any problem you've got, you just sing your way through it and by the end of the song you've got your solution. Or you're dead (sorry, but have you seen a musical? Yes, some of them are light and fluffy and everything's wonderful. Others are quite dark. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in musical land). 

Musical theatre is an interesting thing. It's almost like someone sat down one day, considered all the main threads of the performing arts and thought 'heck, let's jam all these elements together and put on one hell of a show' (sorry, I'm not sure why they would talk like that but for the purposes of this exercise they seem to). I know some find musicals frustrating, they don't understand why a large group of people would spontaneously break into a choreographed song and dance routine. The trick is to not reason with it but just enjoy the spectacle. And appreciate the talent (and fitness) it takes to jump around the stage or screen, singing and keeping a smile on your face, like this is the best fun ever, and not what you really feel (which is collapsing on the floor feeling like you're about to die from exhaustion. Though if you're lucky, your character just might and then you can have a rest). 

So just think how great life as a musical would be. Got a problem? Sing it out. Getting into an argument? Sing it out. Feeling weighed down by the mundane? Sing it out. Feeling happy? Sing it out, sing it out, sing it out! 

Fine, I hear you say, but no one actually caught in the rain would sing about it. Why not? You're already wet and miserable and not getting dry anytime soon. Why not sing? You'll still be wet but I challenge you to still be miserable. Choose the right song and it's impossible (you're welcome. Considering the time of year this is invaluable advice. And you're getting it for free). 

And if you've tried singing, why not dancing?