Nice 'n' Easy

With all the outdoor performances we've got lined up, we've got a fun, relaxed repertoire to match. But does this mean we're taking things nice and easy? Um. It's kind of a no. Even though a lot of the pieces we are rehearsing fall firmly into the popular music genre it doesn't mean they are easy. We might be familiar with the tune but that just makes any surprises all the more surprising. So despite the party vibe at each rehearsal I'm still having to pay complete attention to what I'm doing (gasp! The horror). I can't fade out and think about what I'm going to be doing the rest of the week (with particular attention being paid to the weekend). This is why we need a conductor. To keep me in line and make sure I'm not mentally mixing and matching my wardrobe. 

That said the music that we are playing it's very hard not to pay complete attention. From the first few opening bars which get the rhythm beating out, some pieces are complete recognisable. And you can't help singing along in your head (if I'm honest that's probably my biggest distraction. Some rehearsals it's like Freddie Mercury has taken up a permanent residence in my head. Of all the real estate options. He's really limiting himself there). 

We are doing all the hard work now so come show time those accidentals, tricky rhythms and the just plain weird won't trip us up. And then we can take it nice and easy and enjoy the music.