Cake by the Ocean

Or cake at break will do just as well. For the uninitiated the first Wednesday of the month is cake at break (which is a phrase that means exactly what it says). At break we have cake. Of course this leads to an extended break (because you can’t hurry cake consumption) while we all get our social on. We’re a pretty friendly bunch at the worst of times (e.g. 5am in the cold and dark while the wind dashes about, 35 degree days where there is no shade but an abundance of flies) so with a slice of cake in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, you’ve got no chance of bumping into someone unfriendly (plus you try being uncivil with a piece of delicately baked goodness smothered in butter cream. It’s impossible).

Yet despite the great distraction we didn’t spend the whole evening chomping away (tempting though it was). There was something else (or rather someone else) present which made this cake at break extra special. A special guest! Joining us for part of the evening was Tony Buti, the member for Armadale. And he didn’t come alone. While he might not have brought along a cake to share he did bring along a very lovely cheque from the Community Improvement Fund. As a non-profit community group, extra funds are always very welcome and we’ll be sure to put it to good use.

After all the excitement it was a little tricky to settle down (which by saying that does imply that we ever do – we don’t. It’s entirely possible the school teachers among us go back to school for a break) so we didn’t. It was high spirits all the way to the end of the rehearsal.

And don’t worry, all the leftovers went to a good home. But not by the ocean.