Someone Singing Along

With less than five weeks until the beginning of the silly (and best) season, it doesn't feel so ridiculous to be practicing a collection of Christmas pieces each week. Instead it's kind of exciting and who doesn't like to feel a little bit festive once a week? And this year we get the double the festive cheer. We have our traditional Carols with the City of Armadale on the first Friday of the month but we will also be joining the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale two weeks later for more festive fun!

A great part of these events is the involvement of the whole community. Not only do the local councils and ourselves get involved, local school students participate, as do musicians and choristers. It’s always a magical evening and we trust that our second gig will be the same. As members of the band, I always say we have the best seat in the house. Not only can we see everything that is happening on stage, we can also look out and see the audience. Until the sun completely sets and then all we can see is a sea of lights, gently moving through the night.

You will definitely want to make sure you come and join us as it is always a wonderful evening and our second performance is shaping up to be the same. We love all the performances we do throughout the year but there is always something very special about the Christmas ones. The fact that so many people come together to put on a wonderful program with something for everyone, filled with old favourites and new pieces that are destined to become favourites, does have something to do with it. Adding to that, of course, is the audience themselves. Without them we would be performing to an empty park. Which would seriously hamper the sharing of Christmas spirit. The wonderful part though is when everyone joins in. When we begin to play, the choirs begin to sing and the audience joins us. Now that's Christmas magic.

It's not just someone singing along. It's everyone.