Deja Vu

Though I think deja vu is more when you have a feeling that a situation is unnervingly familiar and not the exact same thing happening again. Now I think that’s called good/bad luck depending on the situation. In our case, it was definitely bad.

Yes, we had to cancel again. Because it was raining. Again. Come on October! You’re so much better than this. I would also like an opportunity to build up my resistance to the sun before the weather reaches the levels where everyone ends up scorched. Nor do I want a situation where the weather gets pushed so far back that I can legitimately have my first ever pool party for my birthday. Which is in July. Which is so wrong (unless you live in the northern hemisphere. There, I guess that’s normal).

So here it is, water cycle. We have two more outdoor gigs this year – one later this month and the other early December. Do. Not. Let. It. Rain. Unless of course someone really needs the rain and then in that case if you can give us a rain-free window to set up, play and pack up, we’d really be much obliged. And when I say rain-free, I mean wide open blue skies, sun beating down, birds swooping and calling, bees buzzing. Essentially what we’re going for here is a sun splashed childhood memory scene stolen from a made-for-TV movie. You know the ones, where the kids are running barefoot across a meadow, chasing butterflies and laughing and everything is bathed in this golden light? That. I want that. But the Australian version (where you substitute a meadow with a dry paddock and the butterflies with plain old flies. Which instead of chasing you swat. And the light is not so much golden as it is blinding). So if you could please deliver, that would be really great. Though with the amount of rain we’ve had I think we’ve earned a default to the meadow version.

No more deja vu! Just vuja de. Where the familiar suddenly becomes strange and foreign. On second thoughts, scratch that. That sounds like the beginnings of a horror movie. Possibly involving a lot of clowns.