Music on the Green

At last, third time lucky! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the flies were out (we could have done without those but at this point we’re not going to quibble). Yes, you are interpreting this correctly – we finally got nice weather so we didn’t have to cancel! And what a day it was. We were down in Byford so plenty of fresh air and the sky seemed to go on forever. All I can say is that when the nay-sayers were insisting the world was flat, the yay-sayers should have sent them on a quick trip down to Australia and told them to look up. That would have sorted everything out (I know there is a lot of historical inaccuracy there but you get my point. The sky was a like a giant dome. And which provides the better story? The first or the second with its overtones of Stephen King’s The Dome. Or confusion with a coffee-house chain).

But enough rambling babble! Due to limited parking we were lucky enough to be transported to the venue by Bus West. So we have to say a big thank you, it really is much appreciated. And not only that, things are always off to a good start when you head out on a road trip (albeit a very short one but you still get that on the road vibe. And immaturity from normally impeccably behaved adults. Ahem).

After getting the show on the road, we got the show started with Amparita Roca. A really great Spanish march so if any audience members were sitting in their deck chair taking a nice doze in the sun, we soon put an end to that. Up next was Hello Dolly followed by Music from the IncrediblesThe Hunger Games, and Kartoon Kaleidoscope. All really popular pieces, all a lot of fun to play.

The next piece was I Am The Doctor, from Doctor Who. A great favourite with all the Whovians in the band and if you’re like me and have never seen an episode (please don’t hurt me) then it’s still a really great piece. Full of atmosphere and if you’re playing it, a lot of internal counting. Puttin’ on the RitzDixieland Jam and And All That Jazz rounded out our first bracket. But instead of stopping for a break, we just powered through. Well, we couldn’t keep our audience waiting could we?

Up next was Pirates of the Caribbean which would have been a good time to be one of the kids on the playground. Could you imagine playing outdoors, letting your imagination run wild while your own personal soundtrack provided by a fifty-piece concert band played? Let’s just say I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas. And no, I’m not too old. You’re never too old to have a go on the swings (yes, they were always my favourite). You just have to make sure you get the one that’s big enough to fit an adult bottom.

Just before the final section was Billy Joel in Concert (see, we really had something for every age and every musical taste). Now this final bracket is not an official section but I can’t help but think of it as Maestro’s Bracket (even though that sounds like some kind of wall fixture). This was made up of McArthur ParkMorning Train and Super Hits of the 90s (which included the greats like The Show Must Go OnEverything I DoGo WestMacarena – yes, really – My Heart Will Go On and Believe. Listening and playing it just makes you want to go to a 90s dance party). This is Maestro’s Bracket because she has a great, undying love for this pieces and some pretty vigorous conducting to go along with it. So as you can see, she does have pretty good taste. And a fondness for cheese. But don’t we all?

That leaves us with one more gig before we are done for another year. Get out your diaries and mark in Friday, 2nd December. That will be the City of Armadale’s Christmas Carols. There is a Toy Parade beforehand and a very special visitor part way through the evening, so perfect for the whole family. And it will be held at the amphitheatre at Memorial Park so there will be more music on the green before the year is out.