Changing Colours

The trees certainly are. Well, the deciduous ones anyway (and don't they look spectacular). I'm not ready for the winter weather just yet (though that's hardly the surprise of the century). I can't help but feel summer was particularly short this year, so short that I don't feel completely thawed out from last winter, yet here we are, cold mornings already upon us (and by cold I mean freezing. And it's only May). I know some of you will be huge fans of crisp winter mornings (and if that's the case then we can never be friends), me not so much. Honestly, if it was an option, I would hibernate. Seriously. (So much so, as soon as I'm done here I'm going to start researching the possibility). 

Of course with the winter months rapidly (and I mean rapidly) approaching, that means the long weekend at the beginning of June is drawing near. Which actually has more gone for it than a bonus day off (though by no means am I knocking that). Normally at this stage of the year we would be counting down our final rehearsals until the State Band Championships. Given that we've already pushed our nerve to breaking point for the Nationals, we've decided not to compete this year. However we are entering the festival part of the event. Essentially this means instead of being judged, we will receive feedback and constructive criticism (apparently there is a difference). Of course this doesn't mean we can just cruise, we do have our pride to hang on to (allegedly). Though it does mean we don't have to worry so much, pull out our hair, break out in hives, grind our teeth and any other horror you can think. Instead we can simply play (and possibly even enjoy it). 

So that's what we're up to - essentially festivals and freezing. I wish I could make like a (deciduous) tree and get out of here. Just until they change colour once again.