Up & Up

And here we are, four rehearsals down already. I don't believe it either. It's like someone has got hold of one of those calendars with a day to a page and is flicking through it like they do in the movies to show the passage of time (if it's you with the calendar, please feel free to stop). Having said that, it's amazing the difference four weeks can make. 

Four weeks ago we were back, fresh from our summer break. Those that are diligent and hardworking had picked up their instruments whenever they had a free moment and did more than give it a quick polish. Others used their free moments to sit by the pool (not even in it, just beside it. Now that's lazy. Two guesses which group I fit into? That's right, the first one. Clearly) and frankly, not do much else. But four weeks of work can make a difference, just as five weeks of nothing also makes a difference (but in the wrong direction). 

That's the thing about playing with other people. If you're playing by yourself you are as good as you are. Whether you do or don't put the hours of effort in only reflects on you. When you're playing as part of an ensemble or band, your efforts reflect on everyone. When you're practicing it's not just for you, it's for everyone. Because a team is only as strong as it's weakest player (sorry. Not for the cliche - which work for a reason - but for using one highly popular in sports films. Unfortunately they do have a point). 

So that's the game plan (sorry, more sports). Practice and give it our best shot. Which means the only possible way from here is up.