Is such a funny thing. You never know what is going to act as a prompt, to bring back moments you didn’t realise you’d forgotten. As I’ve said before, music can be one such prompt. In my experience I’ve found that hearing a song you haven’t heard for ages not only brings back people and places but also how you were feeling at the time. Worried, stressed and sad or young, carefree and joyful. It doesn’t matter. It brings it all back.

So why all the reflection? Well I spent the last weekend running around what felt like all of Perth (seriously, we went everywhere) with a childhood friend who is back in Australia for a year. Joined by my sister and her boyfriend we had a great time as we did some of the tourist things that you never do in your own city. Of course we spent a fair amount of time in the car which means one thing – road trip music! Of course we played all the greatest hits from our childhood, singing along (terribly, all that mattered was volume), adding in the occasional dance move (look, I never said we were cool).

Now those songs hold even more for me (other than questionable late 90s/early 00s fashion and dance moves that were daggy the first time around). Positive reinforcement if you will. Every generation has its own soundtrack that will always bring the past flooding back. Every person has their own greatest hits album with songs they will always sing along to. So what makes your top 10?

Now on the 18th September, you’ll have your own chance to add to your memory bank. That afternoon you’ll find us at Araluen Botanic Park, playing music that you know and love and some that you’re yet to be introduced to (and will hopefully love). Hopefully the weather will be perfect (cross everything!). Because an afternoon lazing in the sun, in a beautiful location while music dances through the air sounds like a wonderful day to hold onto. Definitely bring everyone you like with you.

Here’s to memories old and new – because it’s what we’re doing each and every day.