Wheel of Fortune

Today is the day. Our first scheduled outdoor gig of the season. And given that it’s still September we are taking a big gamble. We are putting our faith and hope into an entity bigger than ourselves. That’s right. The local weather forecast. Possibly our first mistake right there. But what choice do we have?

September is a funny month. You can either have a perfect, sunny, spring day or you’ve got winter giving it one last shot with a sudden downpour. Or spiteful spitting. Well, not today. You’ve had your fun, you’ll just have to wait for a summer storm. We’ve been burnt (or rather soaked) before. I say not today. Today is going to be sunny with a light breeze, birds gliding across a deep blue sky. Because if I decree it, it must be so. Right?

If you’re reading this in the morning then you’ve got plenty of time to mosey on over to Araluen Botanic Park where we will be playing from 2-4pm as part of their Araluen Springtime Festival (see! It’s in the name! The weather has to be spring-like). If you’re reading this after, well, you’ve missed a fantastic afternoon. Essentially Sunday afternoon perfection. And you missed it (unless we had to cancel. Then you missed nothing). But never fear! You’ll still have a few more opportunities to catch us before the end of the year. You’re next opportunity being Saturday, 8th October at the Karagullen Expo Markets, again from 2-4pm. I’d write that down right now.

So here we go. Ready to take a swing at the wheel of fortune.